Why a Vegan Personal Trainer is Worth the Investment


Are you still deciding if a vegan personal trainer is worth the investment? Here are a few FAQ’s and answers that might help.

Why would you hire a vegan personal trainer?

Hiring a vegan personal trainer is hiring someone who is going to train you to get stronger (just like any other trainer) while teaching you how to fuel yourself with plants instead of animal products. That plain and simple is why if you are vegan I recommend hiring a vegan trainer. It takes a lot of learning and experience to rewire your diet when you go vegan. Take it from someone who is living the lifestyle and has had years of experience in the fitness industry as a vegan. Vegan personal trainers are the best option if you are vegan. 

Why are vegan personal trainers so expensive?

Trainers, whether they are vegan or not, can be expensive. As their years of experience grow so does their rate, just like in any career. The years they have committed to learning what they will share with you drives up their value for you. They are also expensive because they aren’t just counting the number of reps and showing you moves. They are teaching you a new lifestyle, holding you accountable, programming a full fitness regimen for you, and being your educator and guide. You will be learning how to live an active life on top of the progressive program they are building for you. You are also likely learning about food, wellness, and lifestyle tips to help you succeed. 

Is it worth the cost to hire a vegan personal trainer?

If you are looking for a coach to guide you to a place you haven’t been able to take yourself, then absolutely! Try to look at the big picture. If you want a year from now to be stronger, and healthier, build new sustainable habits, and reach your goals, then is it worth it? I think so. But if you just have some short-term goals, you already have a great base knowledge of fitness, and you are self-driven then you likely don’t need a trainer.

If you are vegan, should you hire a vegan trainer?

It is not essential, but I recommend it. You will still learn fitness techniques and your trainer will likely create a great program for you whether they are vegan or not. The reason you want a vegan trainer if you are vegan is that a vegan trainer won’t ask you to eat animal products to get results. Protein is the name of the muscle game in fitness! Without a doubt, non-vegan trainers will recommend whey protein, meat, eggs, and more to be added to your diet. Vegan trainers will recommend pea protein, tofu, lentils, and other plant proteins instead. Ultimately up to you whether you want to avoid that conversation with a non-vegan trainer!

Why would I hire a vegan personal trainer rather than just do workout videos on YouTube?

Personal trainers are human beings who will hold you accountable, schedule times for you to meet, and require you to show up. They will create a plan for you as an individual and will monitor your form, help you make adjustments, target areas you may struggle with, and educate you along the way. You’ll likely cover more than just fitness from your trainer. My clients and I cover a lot of bases such as nutrition, workouts together, homework, lifestyle, and more. Believe me when I say you can get a great workout on youtube but it will be missing all of the above. Just depends on what you are looking for. I find the biggest reason is the accountability factor. 

There you have it… Why a Vegan Personal Trainer is Worth the Investment

I clearly think it’s beneficial to hire a vegan personal trainer.  Even if you are simply curious about a vegan lifestyle a vegan personal trainer is a great guide in helping you transition. They have made that transition themselves. They have likely learned how to do it in the healthiest way keeping themselves and their clients healthy and strong.

Do you have any more thoughts or questions about hiring a vegan personal trainer? I would love to hear what you think.

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