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Personal Training

Personal Training

My personal training sessions are designed for you and your goals. They are fun, positively charged workouts for all experience levels.

Set up for success!

I listen to your goals and get to know your lifestyle then design a exercise program just for you. We begin by focusing on core strength, stability, alignment, and nutrition. This foundation will help you succeed throughout your program.

Justine training Mary at Eagle Rock Park in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), CA

Exercises to improve everyday life.

My training program is built around functional training, exercises that mimic everyday movements. I teach functional training exercises because they promote weight loss and build the necessary strength to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Enhanced with yoga.

I use yoga to complement weight loss. Yoga increases flexibility, strength, and mindfulness. These are the attributes you need to succeed with your exercise goals.

Justine helping client with their yoga for at Eagle Rock Park in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), CA

Have fun reaching your goals.

I keep sessions interesting by tailoring your workouts to your specific interests. If you love to jump rope and all things yoga then that’s what we will spend most of our time on. I also include monthly challenges to help you reach your goals! There are additional fun incentives like JustFit prizes, including exercise apparel, nutrition products, and free sessions you can earn when you reach your goal!