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top tricks on kicking your soda pop habit for a sugar free year

Top Tips For Kicking Your Soda-Pop Habit (For a Sugar-Free 2021)

Kicking your soda-pop habit is one of the best dietary choices you can make. Here are a few reasons why you should kick the bad habit now. Prevent diseases Many diseases have been linked to soda ...

a healthy and tasty vegan taco salad recipe

A Tasty & Healthy Spicy Taco Salad (Plant-Based Recipe)

My spicy vegan taco salad is a nutritious idea for anyone who enjoys a hearty, healthy vegan meal with a spicy kick. Your mouth and metabolism are going to love this dish! Taco Salad Ingredients ...

Shoes, weights, water bottle, and fruit laying on wood floor

How to Smash Your New Year’s Vegan Fitness Goals (in 9 Easy Steps)

Do you find New Year’s resolutions difficult to keep? Believe me, I know the feeling; we’re all guilty of setting ourselves unrealistic or unsustainable goals, especially when it comes to ...

Why You Need Your Own Online Personal Trainer (10 Compelling Reasons)

Why You Need Your Own Online Personal Trainer (7 Compelling Reasons)

New to fitness or a plant-based lifestyle and not sure where to start? Frustrated because you don’t seem to be making any progress? Lacking motivation to workout from home? Whether you’re an ...

weight loss opportunities in your daily routine

5 Weight Loss Opportunities You Should be Taking Advantage of

Activities of Daily Life The activities that make up your daily routine are burning calories and helping you lose weight. Take advantage of these weight loss opportunities. By increasing the ...

the best metabolism boosting tips

5 of the Best Metabolism Boosting Tips

Try these nutritious metabolism boosting tips for your busy week! Metabolism Tip 1: Sip on black coffee to boost your metabolism.  Caffeine, especially natural caffeine, like unsweetened ...

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