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vegan meals you must try

Healthy & Tasty Vegan Meals You Need to Try Right Now

Whether you identify as flexitarian, plant-based, lactose-intolerant, pescetarian, or vegetarian, cooking delicious vegan meals is a great way of expanding your cooking repertoire.  Even if ...

the best plant based protein guide made by vegan personal trainer

The Importance of Plant-Based Protein in Fitness

As a vegan fitness instructor, I often get asked about plant-based protein and its importance for fitness. To help answer some of your FAQs, I’ve compiled the latest research in science and ...

discover the health benefits of yoga and yoga therapy

Yoga and Yoga Therapy Health Benefits

Yoga and yoga therapy health benefits are unending, but I’ll share the most important reasons why its attracting people of all ages and all health ranges. What is Yoga? Yoga is a ...

If you are vegan or plant-based and you are heading to Houston or Austin soon, don’t worry you’ll have plenty of options!

Houston and Austin Vegan Style!

This was me and Kona’s (my dog) first adventure by ourselves and we sure as hell kicked its butt! Kona was an angel. I highly recommend traveling with your dog. It makes for such a fun adventure ...

a yummy vegan green smoothie recipe

Justine’s Nutritious Green Smoothie (Vegan Recipe)

Justine’s nutritious green smoothie is a blender made juice with all the fiber and nutrients packed into one big glass! I like to blend my fruits and vegetables instead of juicing so it ...

the health benefits of berries for body and beauty

The Amazing Health Benefits of Berries for Beauty & Body

Berries are packed with nutrients to help give you a healthy body and a beautiful appearance. Here are some of the rewards you can look forward to by including berries in your diet. Daily ...

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