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why eating carbohydrates is healthy

The Importance of Carbohydrates (and why you need to be eating them!)

Carbohydrates. Are they good or bad? Or somewhere in between? Keto, South Beach, Atkins, Dukan…plenty of fad diets recommend cutting back on this important macronutrient. The concept that ...

vegan fitness goals and mindset

4 Steps to Improve your Fitness Mindset

Try These Small Changes that can Lead to Big Results Committing to a healthy lifestyle takes consistency and dedication. You have to find what makes you happy in an active lifestyle and go for it ...

the nutritional health benefits of edamame

The Awesome Health Benefits of Edamame Beans

Eda-WHAT?! . . . a Japanese word for soybeans that are not fully matured, picked then boiled in their pod. I am bringing up edamame not only because of its amazing taste, but it’s amazing ...

why you should always warm up before a workout

How Should I Warm Up Before a Workout?

Today’s blog post will teach you the importance of warming up before a workout and guide you through some of the best dynamic warm ups using easy-to-follow YouTube and Instagram videos. The ...

vegan meals you must try

Healthy & Tasty Vegan Meals You Need to Try Right Now

Whether you identify as flexitarian, plant-based, lactose-intolerant, pescetarian, or vegetarian, cooking delicious vegan meals is a great way of expanding your cooking repertoire.  Even if ...

the best plant based protein guide made by vegan personal trainer

The Importance of Plant-Based Protein in Fitness

As a vegan fitness instructor, I often get asked about plant-based protein and its importance for fitness. To help answer some of your FAQs, I’ve compiled the latest research in science and ...

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