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Discover Justine’s favorite vegan food, fitness tips, and much more!

food for a vegan diet

How does a vegan diet help your health & fitness?

A vegan diet is great for improving many different aspects of life. Yes, it’s great for animals and yes for the planet but ALSO when done right it can be great for your health and fitness as ...

JustFit in LA

6 Ways to Have a Healthy Weekend in Los Angeles

Whether you live in L.A. or just visiting, there are endless activities to keep you moving. Here are a few of my favorites! 1. Go for a hike Hiking is one of the best ways to get exercise, ...

woman feeling stressed

Ways to Ease Stress and Improve your Health

Finding a routine to ease stress and improve your health will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. For one, you’ll simply feel better on your day-to-day but you may find your ...

older man running to feel better and prevent injury

How to Feel Better as we Age and Prevent Injuries

In your 20’s you’re invincible right?! Work hard, play hard. That way of thinking continues until those actions lead to injuries, aches, and pains. Some use those pains as a wake-up call to get ...

having a vegan personal trainer

What it’s like to Have a Vegan Trainer

You must be searching for a vegan trainer if you landed on this blog. Good for you for taking this step and researching! That means you are vegan or thinking about being vegan. This is a very ...

Justfit personal training couple

Couples Personal Training Spotlight: Ben and Rachel

Hi JustFit Friends! I wanted to introduce a couple clients of JustFit who also happen to be a couple! They train together 3 times per week and hold each other accountable.  Read on to learn ...

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