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the ultimate guide to vegan health and fitness

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Health & Fitness (updated Sept 2020)

Hoping to embark on your vegan health & fitness journey but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place! My name is Justine and, as a vegan certified personal trainer and ...

The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips From a Professional Fitness Trainer

The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips (From a Professional Fitness Trainer)

The internet is teeming with fitness fads, absurd diet plans, unbelievably difficult workouts, and constantly evolving equipment that look like instruments of medieval torture! It leaves most of ...

Vegan and plant based food and fitness

The Difference Between Plant-based and Vegan

Did you know there is a difference (by definition) between plant-based and vegan? I often use both terms to describe myself and my company. I use them both because they both describe who I am and ...

green spinach smoothie vegan recipe

Justine’s Coffee Blended Green Smoothie – Vegan

This coffee blended green smoothie is what I drink every day after a workout or just as a snack to hold me over until lunch. It is a high-nutrient yet low-calorie snack you are sure to enjoy too. ...

why I am vegan

Why I’m Vegan!

Why I’m Vegan! My vegan journey started about 10 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. A friend of my husband inspired me to try eating vegetarian, and I felt so healthy that  I continued ...

Vegan veggies meals on dinning table flat lay detox dieting food concept

What is Plant-based Fitness?

What is plant-based fitness? It’s as simple as leading an active life while using plants to fuel our energy instead of animals.  At JustFit we embody this lifestyle by fueling our bodies with ...

vegan and plantbased diet

Guide to Going Plant-based Today

Going plant-based can be intimidating because it’s changing up the way we once viewed food. The world is changing too though and it’s a great idea to consider plant-based living for your health ...

walking for fitness

Making your New Years Fitness Resolution Stick

Make your new year’s resolution stick for good this time! Create goals for yourself that are sustainable for the long haul. Sometimes people set themselves up for failure from the beginning ...

why your diet is failing

Seven reasons your diet is failing and how to fix it!

Is your current routine holding you back from reaching your fitness and health goals?  Here are seven possible reasons why your diet is failing. (And how to fix it!) 1. You Are Stressed Did you ...

Plant-based fitness! Exciting photo of woman high-stepping in front of exploding plant protein powder

Plant-based Fitness FAQ’s

Imagine a world where you could eat delicious healthy food, see results in your fitness routine, and help the planet. That world is now! What usually holds people back from making the switch to a ...

JustFit LA VoyageLA Personal Training Interview

JustFit LA Interviewed on VoyageLA.com

VoyageLA shared my story of how my passion for fitness turned into JustFit LA.

Pasadena personal trainer tying her shoes

10 Tips for Picking the Right Personal Trainer for You

Want to get the most out of your gym time? Have a hard time sticking to your workouts? Or perhaps you’re just getting started? In this case, hire a personal training coach. They can keep ...

Shoes, weights, water bottle, and fruit laying on wood floor

4 Tips for Keeping New Year Fitness Resolutions

This is the year to make your New Year’s resolutions stick! Here are tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions. We are already a couple weeks in and it may seem impossible or not worth ...

Justine an online vegan personal trainer

8 Amazing Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer In Pasadena

Are you looking for a way to get in shape and improve your personal health? Read these 8 amazing benefits of hiring a personal trainer in Pasadena!

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