Why I’m Vegan!

Why I’m Vegan!

It started about 10 years ago when I moved to Los Angeles. I met a vegetarian friend of my husband, who inspired me to try eating vegetarian. Eating vegetarian made me feel good and I continued it for years. My digestion improved, my energy skyrocketed, and my weight naturally dropped with ease. About 7 years in, my husband and I watched a few documentaries, one in particular, What The Health. I realized there is more we can improve by choosing plants over animal products.  Therefore, my family turned into dedicated vegans and launching JustFit LA into a company that is fueled by plants. With eating plants comes pure loving energy, and I want to work with people who are looking to eat more plant-based, if not going fully vegan as we did!

My reasons for continuing to eat a vegan diet?

  • Animal well-being and a mission to end factory farming
  • Earth
  • Health and longevity
  • Taste and creativity

These are my reasons why I continue to live a plant-based life and more specifically why below!

Animal well-being and ending factory farming:

When I learned about factory farming and all of the suffering that goes on behind it, I knew I couldn’t contribute to that any longer. Then, I realized even with non-factory farmed animals, we still end animals lives too short and often brutally. Thus whether it says humane meat or not, I recommend choosing NO meat. In the way of dairy, the only reason you are getting milk is that humans take their baby away so it can’t nurse. The baby calf is usually sold for meat or veal. This is all very cruel and I don’t want to support it.


Deforestation and large amounts of CO2 gasses are caused by the demand for farm factories. The demand for farm factories is caused by humans eating so much meat. You stop buying, they will have to shut down or find a way to make money hopefully in a way that will benefit the future.  I know what you are thinking, what do we do with all of these animals, they are overpopulated. They are only overpopulated because we are overpopulating them. Cows wouldn’t naturally have as many babies in their lifetime as humans are forcing them to, through forced impregnation. (another reason to stay away from dairy) 


As a fitness trainer, health is very important to me so learning of all of the health benefits of a vegan diet were very appealing. Eating a whole food plant-based diet can help prevent cancer and diseases. Eating plant food will fill you with the macronutrients and an abundance of micronutrients to help you heal, repair, fight off colds, age gracefully, and keep you fueled for the day. Sounds pretty good to me! 

Taste and Creativity:

Since going vegan I have found a new love for cooking. The colors, the taste, the nourishment of every meal is so fun and inspiring. You get to be creative with food when eating a healthy whole food diet. Think about how boring a plate of meat and potatoes looks. Now look again at the beautiful salad above. Doesn’t one just seem right?! I help clients find their stride with eating a vegan diet. I share tricks to sneak in extra fruits and vegetables and I hope to be an example of someone thriving on plants.

By choosing plant foods more often or going full-time vegan you are taking a mighty stance by lowering the demand for animal products – in turn providing a better, longer life for animals, boosting your nutrient intake, and saving the planet. By choosing a more plant-based life you are saving water, decreasing the need for deforestation, moving us closer to ending factory farming, and improving your health and well-being. 

A personal challenge for you: Next time you are trying to decide what to eat, REALLY think deeply about the three reasons I talked about above. Consider them all or one that really speaks to you and choose the plant-based option because of that reason. Then think about it. How do you feel? Lighter? Healthy? Like you were truly making a difference with the choice you made? You did make a difference! Every time you choose plants over animals or animal products, you made a difference and I’m thankful and many others are thankful for your choice!

Want to learn more about why I’m plant-based, see the About Justine page! 

For my guide to going plant-based, you can read it here.

If you are looking for guidance in fitness or plant-based/vegan living, send me an email. I work with clients one-on-one, in person or online to help them live the best plant-filled life they can!