try out JustFits holistic checklist rather than 75 hard

Why JustFit’s Holistic Checklist Is Better Than 75 Hard

Have you heard of 75 Hard?  It is a new fitness craze that has been plastered all over social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Well, really it is claimed to not be a ‘fitness’ ...

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos

They Got Fit with JustFit! (Personal Trainer Case Study)

As a vegan personal trainer at JustFit, I love to accompany my clients on their plant-based fitness journeys and watch how they transform as they get fit and reach their targets.  It takes a ...

why you need a vegan coach and personal trainer

4 Reasons You Need a VEGAN Fitness Coach

You’ve made the commitment to a vegan lifestyle or plant-based diet. And at the same time it’s important for you to stay in shape. You may be on the lookout for a personal trainer or coach to ...

Best stretches to try before and after your workout

Best stretches to try before and after your workout

Stretching is absolutely vital and no fitness program is complete without it. Always make it a point to limber up before any kind of exercise so that your muscles are ready for action.  And ...

Why You Need Your Own Online Personal Trainer (10 Compelling Reasons)

Why You Need Your Own Online Personal Trainer (7 Compelling Reasons)

New to fitness or a plant-based lifestyle and not sure where to start? Frustrated because you don’t seem to be making any progress? Lacking motivation to workout from home? Whether you’re an ...

why you should always warm up before a workout

How Should I Warm Up Before a Workout?

Today’s blog post will teach you the importance of warming up before a workout and guide you through some of the best dynamic warm ups using easy-to-follow YouTube and Instagram videos. The ...

why your diet is failing

Seven reasons your diet is failing and how to fix it!

Is your current routine holding you back from reaching your fitness and health goals?  Here are seven possible reasons why your diet is failing. (And how to fix it!) 1. You Are Stressed Did you ...

Pasadena personal trainer tying her shoes

10 Tips for Picking the Right Personal Trainer for You

Want to get the most out of your gym time? Have a hard time sticking to your workouts? Or perhaps you’re just getting started? In this case, hire a personal training coach. They can keep ...

Justine an online vegan personal trainer

8 Amazing Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer In Pasadena

Are you looking for a way to get in shape and improve your personal health? Read these 8 amazing benefits of hiring a personal trainer in Pasadena!