try out JustFits holistic checklist rather than 75 hard

Why JustFit’s Holistic Checklist Is Better Than 75 Hard

Have you heard of 75 Hard?  It is a new fitness craze that has been plastered all over social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. Well, really it is claimed to not be a ‘fitness’ ...

weight loss opportunities in your daily routine

A Guide to Healthy Weight Loss (& Opportunities You Might be Missing)

If you think a plant-based diet is a step on the path towards healthy weight loss, you’re absolutely right! Combine a healthy diet of plant-powered foods with regular physical exercise and ...

top tricks on kicking your soda pop habit for a sugar free year

Top Tips For Kicking Your Soda-Pop Habit (For a Sugar-Free 2021)

Kicking your soda-pop habit is one of the best dietary choices you can make. Here are a few reasons why you should kick the bad habit now. Prevent diseases Many diseases have been linked to soda ...