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JustFit Client Spotlight: Maria

Maria is our JustFit Client Spotlight. We chose Maria because she is a shining example of what commitment and consistency can do for you. Hear how Maria, a busy mom, wife, and high-school teacher ...


Top Five Tips for Fat Loss on a Vegan Diet

As a vegan personal trainer, I work with many clients with fat-loss goals on a vegan diet. Today, I want to share my top five tips for fat loss on a vegan diet so you can start right away! The ...


Why a Vegan Personal Trainer is Worth the Investment

Are you still deciding if a vegan personal trainer is worth the investment? Here are a few FAQ’s and answers that might help. Why would you hire a vegan personal trainer? Hiring a vegan personal ...

Wellness Goals

Three Factors You Need to Finally Reach Your Goals

vegan personal trainer shares how to reach your goals

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7 Tips To Be a Healthy Vegan

I remember when I first went vegan, I wasn’t sure what to eat. I didn’t know how much to eat to get the right amount of calories or nutrients. Sound familiar? Transitioning to a vegan diet can be ...

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4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Seeing Fitness Progress

“Why am I getting stronger but not seeing the progress?” You are showing up for your workouts and drinking your protein shakes. You are clearly getting stronger, feeling better, and kicking butt ...

older man running to feel better and prevent injury

How to Feel Better as we Age and Prevent Injuries

In your 20’s you’re invincible right?! Work hard, play hard. That way of thinking continues until those actions lead to injuries, aches, and pains. Some use those pains as a wake-up call to get ...

boost your health with NEAT

Boost Your Metabolism and Health with NEAT

Have you ever heard of NEAT? It’s a science acronym for – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. To translate, it means get off your booty and move more and reap the benefits. Have you ...

what is 'fit'

What Does Being Fit Mean to You

Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?  Does being fit mean you are healthy? What does being fit say about you? What makes a fit body?   Let’s first take a look at the ...

listening to music to improve fitness

Music and its Effect on Exercise

Finding something that helps you get motivated and stay energized during a workout is essential. Whether you are exercising at home or at the gym, you want to get the most out of your workout.  ...