How to Help People Go Vegan

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Have you ever wondered how others perceive your veganism and your actions around it? Are you pushing people further away from it or planting seeds of the beauty of veganism? The real question today is how do we help people go vegan?

I have thought a lot about my veganism and how my actions are being perceived, and this is my hope. I want to make sure that I am sharing my message in a way that doesn’t push people away but draws them in and makes them curious. The goal is to capture their attention and maybe inspire them. We can plant a seed even if they aren’t sold fully on the idea right away. I’m trying to be the start, a part, or the person who helps them take the first step of their journey towards veganism.

Believe me, I have my own thoughts and wishes about wanting people to be vegan, right now! I get discouraged and frustrated that things aren’t moving fast enough toward veganism.  

Here are my immediate thoughts:

Why would I want to stop speaking up for creatures who don’t have a way to voice or defend their way of life? We all want to live a life with freedom, so why can’t they?

Why would I stop doing and speaking about the thing I am most passionate about?

Going vegan changed my life, my heart, and my family’s mission. I will never stop fighting for the animals who are suffering!

Every day I wake up motivated to walk, talk, and be all things vegan.

I am so grateful to consume colorful, vibrant, healthy meals, and know they are not at the expense of another life.

No animal products in this house, in this body, in this life.

So all that said, although I am so passionate about this cause I still don’t want to make anyone feel unwelcome. I hope everyone will feel safe in this space or when communicating with me.

How do we find a happy medium where we can share how we feel but still be inclusive to those who don’t feel the same?…yet:) How do we make the world go vegan?!

Let’s Change the Gameplan for Veganism to Win

One way we can share our passion for veganism and try to persuade others is by leading by example. We can share inspirational reasons why veganism is awesome sauce.

One thing we do have to remember is there was a point it clicked for us but before that, we were the same… a non-vegan with intentional or unintentional blinders on. Yikes, the thought of it now breaks my heart. But others are the same. They are non-vegans with the potential to make the switch too.

Let’s try to have a little patience with their process. Let’s talk about some ideas. Sometimes learning someone’s interest can help you determine a path to inspire them.

Welcoming Ideas to Speak about Veganism

The Planet-friendly friend:

They might be super passionate about recycling and buying electric cars and planet-friendly practices. This is the angle you can use to inspire them to go vegan. Some people don’t want to feel bad about their breakfast, so bringing up the dead animals on their plate isn’t probably the smoothest and most efficient option. So in this case, maybe you share some stats about how much difference you can make by switching just one meal a day to a plant-based meal.

The Gym-rat friend:

Maybe you are talking to someone who loves to hit the gym, and they are always interested in new ways to improve their health. Do they know about all the benefits of eating more plants?! You don’t have to flat out and tell them to go vegan already. One idea would be sharing that plant foods are extremely healing and alkaline and are great for muscle building. There has been proof that plant-based athletes recover faster than their meat-eater counterparts. They could try swapping out one meal a day with all plants or switching their protein powder!

The Animal-loving friend:

How do you talk to and inspire the animal lover friend who still eats meat, dairy, and eggs? One way is by recommending some of the amazing documentaries that educate what’s happening in these industries. Sometimes simply learning can flip the switch. There is also the option to invite your friend to go on a tour or volunteer at a local sanctuary where you can learn how similar farm animals are to our furry companion animals we call pets. 

Everyone is on their own journey and may not be ready to make the switch to veganism overnight. By meeting people where they are at and gently guiding them by sharing information and inspiration towards veganism, we can create a more compassionate world for all earthlings. Let’s continue to plant those seeds and inspire others to join us on this beautiful journey toward veganism.

Thank you for reading, and let’s spread love and positivity wherever we go!

Peace and Love,


Book Recommendation

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