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JustFit is one-on-one and online personal training by Justine Swenson, vegan certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.

Justine Swenson, vegan personal trainer and founder of JustFit

"I’m living my dream, helping men and women lose weight, build strength, and gain a new confidence through personalized fitness and nutrition programs."

How did JustFit get started?

I grew up playing sports, and I loved the training and conditioning aspect of it. I knew it was something I wanted to do after I finished my sports career. After college, I became a certified fitness trainer through American Council of Exercise. After a few years training at a national gym, I wanted to create my own fitness program, and so JustFit began!

What services do you offer at JustFit?

What do you love most about being a personal trainer?

I love to educate, research, and provide my clients with tools to help them succeed. Also trying to find ways that they can enjoy their routine and look forward to their workouts is so fun. Helping people reach their goals and realize how good a healthy lifestyle feels is what it's all about for me. So many people want to be fit and healthy but it's just not a passion of theirs to commit their time to planning their workouts and researching ways to eat healthier. In addition, when you have a busy schedule it's so hard to find that motivation to get you moving. That's where I like to step in and help them make a change!

What is your favorite exercise?

I don't have just one favorite exercise but my typical week would include the following. I enjoy doing functional training exercises just like the ones I do with my clients. Mostly bodyweight with a little yoga thrown in the mix. I like to work out at home or at the park, occasionally using resistance bands or lightweight to intensify the workout and build strength. I like walking my dog every morning and evening and sometimes a quick afternoon stroll. Lastly, I like to take an occasional jog when it's a beautiful day or if I have some good music to jam out to while on the treadmill.

Where do you like to eat in Los Angeles?

Cafe Gratitude or Sage Bistro are my two favorite restaurants. They are both plant-based restaurants offering an array of dishes ranging from healthy to comfort food. I eat a fully plant-based diet and enjoy going to a restaurant where I can open up the menu and anything without the worry of eating animal products.

Where do you like to eat in Austin?

My absolute favorite place to eat in Austin is ATX Food Co. It is fully vegan and plant-based. They have smoothies for if I stop by in the morning or afternoon and delicious warm bowls or tacos for dinner. Their ingredients are whole and unprocessed and they don't use oil which is hard to find in most restaurants. Runner up would be Casa De Luz which is just right around the corner and I love it for all the same reasons. Healthy whole food plant-based. BOOM.

Why a plant-based diet?

I went vegan first for animals, especially ones raised in factory farms. After giving up meat it inspired me to learn more about the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. The benefits reach so far, stretching from preventing deforestation, preserving water, eliminating greenhouse gases, and then last but not least our health can improve. All of this by choosing plant foods versus animal products. I believe plant-based is our future! It will save our planet, help us live longer healthier lives, and let our animal friends enjoy their life on earth as we get too. The more healthy and happy vegans we have on this planet, the better our world will be!

How do you incorporate your vegan diet into your personal training?

I am able to help clients who are looking to add more nutritious and healthy vegan meals into their diet based on many years of experience of research and eating a plant-based diet myself alongside a fitness program. You will find there are many benefits of eating a vegan diet, not only to your health but also to your fitness. I share with my client's tips, recipes, and recommendations based on their own lifestyle and not a one size fits all approach.

You can keep up to date on all things vegan health and fitness here.

What is your favorite meal?

Breakfast is my favorite meal and usually my biggest. I always drink about 15-30 ounces of water then it’s time for black coffee with a bowl of oatmeal. I eat a wide variety of toppings and try to change that up daily to get different nutrients. My recent favorite is oatmeal with banana, flaxseed or hemp seed, half scoop of protein powder, and topped with cinnamon. I am always satisfied and ready for the day ahead.

What are your favorite things to do outside fitness?

Anything travel, dogs, organic wine, vegan food, or family road trip related is what I’m thinking about or doing when I’m not training clients, exercising or blogging.

What else are you passionate about?

I love family adventures, road trips, day excursions, and building memories with my husband Lucas and our fur baby Kona. I also love helping animals. When I lived in Los Angeles I liked to volunteer at the Farm Animal Sanctuary. I'm in search of a farm sanctuary here in Austin to volunteer at but in the meantime, I donate a percentage of the profits I make at JustFit to Peta, Mercy for Animals, and The Humane Society.

What do you recommend for those who are not ready to invest in a trainer?

For those who aren't ready for a trainer, I have created a 30-day program called the JustFit Jumpstart that offers 16 workouts for you to do within 30 days along with tips and tricks to help you succeed. It includes my favorite recipes and a diagram on how to build a plant-based bowl to get results without counting calories. This program will help you build consistency with your workouts and inspire you to eat healthier and become a healthier version of yourself!

Is online training as effective as in-person training?

I wasn't sure of this answer either until I started training online due to the COVID pandemic. Within just a couple minutes of starting the session, it feels like I'm right there in my client's home training them. As long as you have space for a yoga mat and a good internet connection then sessions have been just as good if not better than in-person. There is something very special about how comfortable and confident people feel when they workout from home rather than have the distraction of other people either at the park or gym.

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