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JustFit Client Spotlight: Maria

Maria is our JustFit Client Spotlight. We chose Maria because she is a shining example of what commitment and consistency can do for you. Hear how Maria, a busy mom, wife, and high-school teacher ...


Why a Vegan Personal Trainer is Worth the Investment

Are you still deciding if a vegan personal trainer is worth the investment? Here are a few FAQ’s and answers that might help. Why would you hire a vegan personal trainer? Hiring a vegan personal ...


Get Results With Your Vegan Personal Trainer

First I should note, having a vegan personal trainer doesn’t guarantee you results. I know this might surprise you. Since you are investing in a trainer, it should automatically mean you are ...

Wellness Goals

Three Factors You Need to Finally Reach Your Goals

vegan personal trainer shares how to reach your goals

Justine an online vegan personal trainer

What Makes JustFit Better Than Fitness Apps?

In our smartphone-dominated world, there’s an app for everything. This of course also includes fitness and personal trainer apps. I get why they’re super popular with the get fit crowd. ...

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4 Reasons You Need a VEGAN Fitness Coach

You’ve made the commitment to a vegan lifestyle or plant-based diet. And at the same time it’s important for you to stay in shape. You may be on the lookout for a personal trainer or coach to ...

Why You Need Your Own Online Personal Trainer (10 Compelling Reasons)

Why You Need Your Own Online Personal Trainer (7 Compelling Reasons)

New to fitness or a plant-based lifestyle and not sure where to start? Frustrated because you don’t seem to be making any progress? Lacking motivation to workout from home? Whether you’re an ...

discover the health benefits of yoga and yoga therapy

Yoga and Yoga Therapy Health Benefits

Yoga and yoga therapy health benefits are unending, but I’ll share the most important reasons why its attracting people of all ages and all health ranges. What is Yoga? Yoga is a ...

The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips From a Professional Fitness Trainer

The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips (From a Professional Fitness Trainer)

The internet is teeming with fitness fads, absurd diet plans, unbelievably difficult workouts, and constantly evolving equipment that look like instruments of medieval torture! It leaves most of ...