How to be a Healthy Vegan

healthy vegan whole foods

Quick Tips From a Vegan Trainer

You’ve gone vegan, but you are looking for quick tips to help you thrive on a vegan diet? Well, check out some of the topics I go over with clients when they start working with me. 

I recommend starting with focusing in on one or two of these tips then add in a couple more until they each become a habit. The good part about most of these is that they are easily achievable and I believe you can start implementing some of them today!

Be Consistent

Show up day everyday for your health and well-being. Show up for your workouts, your steps, and your diet – the results will follow.

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Strength train

3-4 days per week to gain and/or maintain muscle mass. This is important if you are trying to reach aesthetic goals as well as improve your health. Make this a priority!

Check out these handy home workouts

vegan whole foods

Eat whole plant foods

Eat a wide variety of whole plants foods.They are full of fiber, water, and nutrients. They will make you feel full and provide you with a wide range of macronutrients as well.

Supplement properly

Plan to add vitamins b12, d3, k2, omega 3, and iodine. I recommend a supplement that has all of them such as Complement or Wholier. 

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Move your body

Move in a safe and enjoyable way – aim for 10,000 steps per day. Examples of fun movement that aren’t on a cardio machine. Walk, play with your dog, hike, dance, clean, park away from entrances, take the stairs.

Read more about boosting your health with NEAT.

Eat Carbohydrates

Don’t fear carbs! They are amazing fuel for your body and brain. Especially whole carbohydrates like grains, beans, potatoes, and even whole grain bread. If you love bread, then eat the bread- just be mindful of how much. It’s helpful to enjoy higher calorie carbohydrates with low calorie density foods like vegetables so you can fill up on other nutritious foods with it. 

Eat Plant Proteins

Beans, lentils, whole grains, and soy to reach your plant protein intake. If you are worried about not getting enough, add in a protein supplement to get an extra 10-20 grams easily.

Healthy vegan meal prep

Plan Everything

Your workouts, your food, your meditation, and what you want your day to look like. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Prepare by planning the details and putting it in your schedule just like anything else. 

Your Healthy Vegan Journey

Hope you enjoyed these quick tips from an online vegan trainer…me! Want to learn more check out more of my blogs here on JustFit or contact me to work with me one-on-one online!

Have an awesome, healthy, and happy day!

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