The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips (From a Professional Fitness Trainer)

The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips From a Professional Fitness Trainer

The internet is teeming with fitness fads, absurd diet plans, unbelievably difficult workouts, and constantly evolving equipment that look like instruments of medieval torture! It leaves most of us feeling pretty bewildered.

But what if I told you that working out doesn’t have to be so convoluted?

What if I told you that you can stay fit and healthy simply by using a couple of dumbbells, a resistance band, and a few carefully planned workouts?

The Best Home Workouts & Top Tips From a Professional Fitness Trainer

Read on to find out my top tips on implementing an effective health & fitness plan and the best online workouts for you to try at home!

How to Workout From Home

As a professional online fitness trainer, I specialize in helping people to get fit from the comfort of their own living rooms.

In fact, I’ve created a 30-day JustFit Jumpstart Guide to support you to build a sustainable routine and lead an active lifestyle. Complete with 16 home workouts, healthy plant-based recipes, tips on how to hit your nutrient goals, and advice on how to make this program successful for you, my guide will teach you lifelong habits that are actually fun!

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Most importantly, in contrast to isolated workouts that spam YouTube, my online fitness guide provides education alongside the exercise routines. After all, the more informed you are, the more likely you are to stay motivated!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to stick to a plan; following a program is the best way to see any progression in your health and fitness while training from home.

Always Begin With a Warm-up

Before beginning any workout, you should always prepare the muscles you are about to use for the activity. Not only will this prevent injury, but it will also enhance your performance and improve the effectiveness of your workout.

The Best Home Workouts: Full Body/Booty Focused

As a taster for my 30-day JustFit Jumpstart Guide, I’m going to share my Full Body/Booty Focused workout for you to try at home.

This is just 1 out of 16 workouts that will focus on different muscle groups to create a comprehensive online fitness plan. I hope you enjoy it!

Still not sure if an online fitness plan is for you? Let’s talk about it!

Contact Justine, certified personal fitness trainer

Perform 3 sets of each of the following:

1. Diagonal Butt Lift Circles


This exercise focuses on the middle of your glutes. 


Point toes and leg diagonally away from the body. Engage your abs and fire up your booty. Draw a circle about the size of a basketball. Do 10 reps one way and 10 the other way.

Burn booty burn!

2. Clamshell


The Clamshell (or Clam Opener) works the gluteus medius and also strengthens your hips and pelvic muscles.


This is my favorite way to do a Clam Opener. Oftentimes people stack their knees, keep feet together, then open one leg. However, I find that this method doesn’t get into the glute as deep as how I like to do it.

Therefore, I suggest laying on your side and stacking your hips. With the top leg at 90 degrees, bring it forward in front of the other leg, so it can get the full range of motion from the ground to the ceiling.

Support your head with one hand. Engage abdominals, and use the upper outer glute to squeeze the hip open and lift the knee pointing to the sky.

Pause at the top and feel the activation in the glute before releasing all the way down. 

Have fun being a clam!

3. Kneeling Chest Fly


This is a great way to work multiple muscles at once, including your chest, shoulders, glutes, and thighs.


Start seated on your heels. Squeeze the glutes to a tall kneeling position.

As you squeeze up, activate your chest muscles and pull the resistance band from the sides of your body to straight out in front of you; all at shoulder height or just above.

This one makes you feel strong!

4. Thread the Needle


This one’s great for the thoracic spine and abs.


From a pushup position, extend one leg through the opposite side of your body. Extend the leg straight and as high up toward your hand as you can get it.

Modify by reaching it across but lower. For an extra challenge. Take the hand closest to the leg that has crossed over and tap the toe before releasing.

5. Long Leg Ab Bicycle


The Long Leg Bicycle is most definitely an ab burner!


Just like regular Ab Bicycle, keep the back grounded against the mat. 

Lift the upper back and shoulders off the floor. Instead of twisting towards the bent knee, twist towards the long leg. Exhale as you twist and think of pulling down from the belly button to get a deeper activation.

6. Squat Jumps


In addition to hitting all the regular squat muscles – glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, etc. – squat jumps introduce a cardio hit to your workout. It’s the perfect way to finish this Booty Focus workout.


Sit weight back in the heels as you squat down in an imaginary chair. Then roll forward towards the toes and lift off to a jump. 

Remember to land softly and with bent knees heading back down to a squat to protect your knees. 

If you are advanced at exercising, jump as high as you can. For a less advanced modification, remove the jump and just do a squat and squeeze on the way up.

Have fun and get your heart rate up!

Don’t Forget to Foam Roll and Stretch

You’ve probably worked up a real sweat and your booty will be on fire, but don’t forget to foam roll and stretch after your workout. Foam rolling is great for reducing muscle fatigue and soreness following exercise.

Enjoy the Full Body and Booty Focused Workout?

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