They Got Fit with JustFit! (Personal Trainer Case Study)

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos

As a vegan personal trainer at JustFit, I love to accompany my clients on their plant-based fitness journeys and watch how they transform as they get fit and reach their targets. 

It takes a big dose of determination and hard work, but if this is combined with consistency, the results are guaranteed.

My clients tell me their health and fitness goals, and as their plant-based personal trainer, I guide them towards their plant-powered transformation.

Together we keep close track of progress, and as they approach and tick off each milestone, I’m there, cheering from the sidelines and encouraging them to keep on going.

Here I’m sharing a few of the success stories we’ve celebrated at JustFit recently. Take this as a plant-based personal trainer case study of sorts, showing you that it is possible to get fit with plants!

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Rebecca M went from a 20+ year slump to a daily habit of exercise and healthy eating

 Rebecca wanted a trainer who wouldn’t try and push her to eat animal products. She knew she could get results with her vegan diet and I was so happy she chose JustFit to help!

“As a vegan, it was important for me to find a personal trainer that shared the same values. I’m *so* grateful that I found Justine! She took the time to get to know me and helped pull me out of my 20+ year slump of not moving my body. She was careful not to push too hard, yet made sure that I was progressing. Whenever I would start to shy away, Justine was always there to help pull me back to the movement – and she was creative. She had to be with me! No matter what it was that I needed, Justine always found a way to help me meet my goals. Thanks to Justine and a healthy plant based lifestyle (that she is also a big proponent of), I have managed to break through the barriers, move my body and feel good about myself and what I have done. I’m happy to say that I’m moving my body daily, eating well and maintaining the results that Justine helped me achieve. Thank you, Justine!!!”

Dana and Michael C joined JustFit for couples training

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos

“By following Justine’s program, I lost 30 lbs and over 1/3 of my body fat! I have tried other workouts and diets but never saw much success. She worked with me closely on my diet and exercise routine. She provided workout homework for the days that I did not see her and gave me a meal plan with recipes to cut down on calories”

Once Dana saw the pounds fly off, she got her fiancé Michael to jump on the bandwagon and train together with her. 

“We train twice a week together while laughing and sweating! We also became more competitive and would hold each other accountable for diet and homework. I have a challenging work schedule with travel, conference calls, and meetings, but Justine works hard to ensure I continue to see results, she always challenges me, both mentally and physically. I have pushed my body in ways I never thought possible and am shocked by my newly found strength! I have referred many friends to Justine who immediately are hooked on her energy, passion, and commitment to your success. If you follow Justine’s program you will definitely see results!

They made it a point to keep fit despite their busy work schedules and their determination has paid off!

Since she started training with JustFit, Michal feels stronger and healthier than ever

Here Michal shares how she managed to keep up her fitness routine despite the lockdown.

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos

“When Covid hit we transitioned to online and it’s been very smooth. Justine is very flexible in terms of the workout, she can customize to the equipment you have and your needs. I often ask questions about how to stretch out certain muscles and she always has an answer. She is such a joy to work out with even though I’m not exactly a workout junkie. I’m stronger and more healthy than I’ve ever been. Cannot recommend enough.”

When asked what she likes best about her workouts at JustFit, Michal had a long list of things to share!

“What I love about Justine:

* She is kind.

* She is patient.

* She doesn’t make me feel stupid ever.

* She’s my personal cheerleader.

* She genuinely loves to see me succeed. I loved when she had a promo where you get 1 free session if you reach a goal that you come up with Justine. Just shows how much she wants to see you progress!

* She is so knowledgeable about everything food & body.

* I ask her questions all the time and she always answers them and considers them important.

* She sends me a Google doc of every workout we do together.

* She comes up with new routines for every session to give me the best possible workout.

* She customizes various moves to accommodate me (I have weak wrists).

* She worked with me to progressively cut out foods that cause weight gain, going through every entry in my long food diaries and answering my every question.

* She drives to where I am!

* She is so positive and upbeat.

* She’s helped me get to be in the best shape of my life. I’ve been fairly fit and active my whole life but she helped me get to another level that I wasn’t sure I could achieve without being miserable. Far from being miserable, I feel proud of what I’ve achieved thus far with all of Justine’s help.

* Thank you, Justine, you are the best!”

Greg joined JustFit and finally got rid of his back problems!

Like many people, Greg works in an office and spends most of the day sitting at his desk followed by evenings sitting at home on the couch! When he started to experience minor back pain, he decided it was time to get moving and joined JustFit.

“Justine listened to what my goals were and designed a custom workout to help reach those goals. After a lot of core and leg exercises, my back no longer nags me on a weekly basis. During the exercises she takes our feedback into account and adjusts moves as needed to accommodate what my body can or can’t do and work on it from there. My muscles are burning but I’m not in pain during the workout.”

“When you are dealing with recurring pain a huge concern was not getting injured. After a couple of sessions Justine knew where my fitness level was and tailor-made our sessions to reach my goals without getting hurt. Thanks Justine!”

When Joe came to JustFit he was looking for someone to challenge him to reach body goals and get back to the athlete he used to be. 

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos

“I can’t say enough about Justine. She is probably one of the best personal trainers in the country. She has been my trainer for several years now and the results speak for themselves. She has transformed me into a true athlete. Cosmetically, you can see my whole six pack. Performance-wise: she’s got my mile time down to the 5’s (and I’m 38)… 3 sets of 20 pull-ups… no problem. If you follow her program and work hard, she will turn you into a lean mean machine.

Justine understands how to push you through tough workouts. She understands what your body needs and how to work it and to shape it. She builds customized workouts for you and what you need. Aside from the time with her, she does an amazing job checking on you and giving you homework for the other days of the week. She also keeps track and measures metrics. It’s a complete program.”

 Joe was willing to put in the time and effort both in sessions and on his own from his diet to homework. He took my recommendations and turned them into a fit body. 

“Justine also does a wonderful job of creating a customized diet (and tracking it) for you– a key component of success. In fact, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of food and nutrition. Justine is also one of the nicest, coolest and most pleasant people you will ever meet. I try and try to hate her when I show up to workout early in the morning, but I just can’t. She is too great. She has a way of making even the toughest workout fun. Sometimes, I forget she’s my trainer and I think I’m just working out with a buddy. Justine adapts to your goals too. If you are like me and want to push yourself to achieve athletic feats, she will get you there. If you just want to look a little better in your outfit, she will get you there as well. She trains everything from young guys to senior citizen females.”

More testimonials from happy and fit JustFit customers:

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos


“In just a couple of weeks Justine helped me gain strength and reduce back pain by targeting muscles that were weak. I have learned skills that have helped me reduce pain, build muscle and endurance. Thanks Justine!!”

a vegan personal trainer case study before and after photos

Lori D:

“Justine is the best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. She’s knowledgeable, dedicated, results-oriented, encouraging and just plain very nice!”

Taryn A:

“Justine is incredible! I loved our workouts when we used to meet at the park, but I actually love our Zoom workouts even more! I’ve been able to keep up my fitness plan all through quarantine and I just love the flexibility it gives me to do the workouts wherever I am. I genuinely look forward to my sessions and highly recommend JustFit!”

Jamie R:

“Justine at JustFit is the best trainer I’ve worked with, and it’s all been virtual! I have a few injuries and needed to work with someone who understands not only how to train for performance/weight loss, but also how to strengthen & tone the areas of my body that don’t work the way they used to! From the first workout, I knew Justine understood how the body works, how to prevent injury, and how to get me in shape. She has a great energy, an encouraging training style, and also provides excellent nutrition advice and support. COVID took away the gyms, but with WIFI, a mat, and free weights I feel like I’m getting the best workout of my life. I feel stronger & healthier everyday, and look forward to my next session!”

Caroline L

“Justine is so amazing!  She truly listened to what I needed mentally and physically for my workouts and has helped me out of my work out slump.  We meet every weekend at a beautiful park and enjoy nature and all the dogs that walk by, all while getting a good sweat on. Love JustFit living!”

Yeva N

“I’ve been training with Justine for over 3 years now and she is simply amazing!  There are so many benefits her program offer that I can’t list them all but I will mention a few.  I’ve never had the same routine repeated twice in all the time I’ve trained with her program.  She makes each routine challenging enough to push me beyond my comfort zone, at the same time doesn’t make it too hard to where I want to give up.  I always leave with a great sense of accomplishment.  Her knowledge about fitness and nutrition, her commitment and love for what she does, provide great support and motivation!   I highly recommend Just Fit to anyone who prioritizes their health and fitness!”

Ryan H

“I started working with Justine in Nov. 2014 and have been working with her ever since.  The results I have seen have been phenomenal.  At 34, I am in the best shape of my life and have committed to a clean and healthy lifestyle.  None of this would have been possible without the training and support of Justine.  As a trainer, she is excellent at pushing her clients to be the best they can be at each and every session. Combined with the nutrition tips, Justine gives her clients the tools to achieve their fitness and health/wellness goals.

And as crazy as this may sound, she actually makes working out fun!!! No two sessions are the same. So whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, or looking for the expertise to take it to the next level, Justine is the perfect fit!!!”

Alyssa S

“Justine is very professional and knowledgeable. I worked with her for 15 months before moving out of state and looked and felt my best. She uses a holistic approach to health/wellness including fitness and nutrition. Justine is able to customize a program to accommodate any medical condition, injury, etc. She has a passion for what she does and cares about each of her clients, which is evident. Her check-ins were helpful to keep on track. She is very careful about form and has ways to modify any exercise. Her workouts are carefully planned and always different. She is trustworthy and can help you accomplish any goal.”

Mary G

“I’ve been working with Justine for 6 months and have already made so much progress towards my goals. Justine is a fantastic partner for my fitness and health needs. Her energy and positivity keep me motivated to keep pushing forward. Justine is incredibly knowledgeable about health and nutrition. Any time I have a question about my health or diet she’s able to provide a comprehensive answer or point me in the right direction.  She is so supportive not only of my fitness but of me as a person. I really enjoy her monthly fitness challenge that offers an extra incentive for me to work hard. Justine also tailors her coaching to suit my busy lifestyle. Justine is the BEST person to help you accomplish your goals!”

Ready to take your first step to getting fitter and healthier? Reach out to me and book your free 15-minute consultation today!

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