The Difference Between Plant-based and Vegan

Vegan and plant based food and fitness

Did you know there is a difference (by definition) between plant-based and vegan? I often use both terms to describe myself and my company. I use them both because they both describe who I am and how I live. Let’s talk about the differences and the reasons why I consider myself both plant-based and vegan.

What does being plant-based mean? 

It means that you are choosing to eat whole plant foods (fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.) while avoiding all animal products (meat, dairy, fish, eggs, etc.)

When you say, “I am plant-based” it is directed toward a healthy, whole, plant food diet.

What does being vegan mean? 

Very simply, a vegan person is someone who does not eat or use animals or animal products. It’s more of an ethical choice and lifestyle of excluding the use of animals and animal products through food and consumer goods. So in addition to not eating animals or animal products, vegans will use and buy clothes, skincare, and other products that do not contain animals or animal products (skin, fur, leather, collagen, etc.).

When you say “I am vegan”, this means you are encompassing lifestyle choices that, to the best of your knowledge, do not use or exploit animals.

Why do I call myself both vegan and plant-based?

I have fully embraced a vegan lifestyle. I carefully choose food, clothing, and products void of animal products. I also do not support companies that are not cruelty-free (companies that test on animals) or exploit animals for human entertainment like circuses or SeaWorld-type venues. 

I am also a fitness trainer and a health nut. I eat a whole-food, plant-based diet because I believe in the healing power of whole plant foods. So I, by definition, am both vegan and plant-based. When I use both terms in my blogs and websites, you now know why!

What does plant-based fitness mean?

I’ve discussed plant-based fitness before in another blog and what that means to me. (Click HERE to read that post!) I consider my business at JustFit to be plant-based and vegan! As for why I call JustFit “plant-based fitness”: Here at JustFit, we want to be fit and healthy and instead of fueling our bodies with meat and milkshakes, we are fueling ourselves with pure, whole, plant foods that are packed with all the nutrients we need. If you aren’t sure how to do that on your own, that’s where JustFit can help!

Are you wanting to be plant-based or vegan but aren’t sure how to incorporate that into your life? Let me know by submitting the contact form above! I am happy to help. I work with clients one-on-one in-person (if in the Pasadena area) or online.


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