5 of the Best Metabolism Boosting Tips

the best metabolism boosting tips

Try these nutritious metabolism boosting tips for your busy week!

Metabolism Tip 1: Sip on black coffee to boost your metabolism. 

Caffeine, especially natural caffeine, like unsweetened coffee and green tea can get your metabolism moving.

sip on coffee to boost your metabolism

Metabolism Tip 2: Jump Squats rev your calorie burn.

Doing a jump squat or any other type of plyometric(jump) training exercise will burn a high amount of calories. These exercises need a great amount of muscle and cardiovascular effort to complete, leading to a high-calorie expenditure. For examples of how to do jump squats check out this link.

do jump squats to boost your metabolism

Metabolism Tip 3: Take at least one yoga class a week.

Try a yoga class at your local gym for improved mind and body function. Yoga is a great way to calm yourself from a stressful schedule, leading to improved focus, better workouts outside of yoga and even a happier digestive system.

do a yoga class to boost your metabolism

Metabolism Tip 4: When you achieve one goal. Make a new one.

Exercise and healthy eating are meant to be a lifestyle. If you achieve one of your major goals, don’t stop there! Think of something else to work for like being able to do a pull up again or running a mile 30 seconds faster than before. Don’t lose your drive. Stay motivated with fresh goals!

make goals to boost your metabolism

Metabolism Tip 5: Sleep Sleep Sleep.

Try to aim for 7 and a half hours of sleep. This is the average for most adults. The University of Maryland Medical Center advises though that everyone is different when it comes to the amount of sleep your body requires. If you feel refreshed when you wake up, then you had the right amount for your individual needs.

sleep to boost your metabolism

Do you have any metabolism-boosting secrets to share with us?

Thank you for reading!


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