JustFit Client Spotlight: Maria

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Maria is our JustFit Client Spotlight. We chose Maria because she is a shining example of what commitment and consistency can do for you. Hear how Maria, a busy mom, wife, and high-school teacher has dropped inches and built strength. First, here is a review from Maria at the 9-month mark:

Maria’s Yelp review:

I’ve been working with Justine for about 9 months. I’ve lost pounds and inches and gained some serious strength. At 44 years old, I’ve never felt so happy about the way my body looks and feels. Justine is a great teacher and coach. She’s helped me understand the connection between food and body performance. I’m so happy with the results of our work.

Maria’s Interview:

Why did you decide to hire a trainer? 

I started using exercise equipment in my home that was taking up space and trying out videos on YouTube. I started to see a change in myself and was excited. However, that only lasted so long. I plateaued and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight

I was afraid of finding a trainer to help because I was afraid I was going to be told I needed to eat fish, chicken, and eggs to have the body I wanted. With Justine that has never been the issue. I’ve learned how to eat and how to strength train to help reach the goals I want for me – without compromising my ethics.

What do you like most about working out with Justine?

I like that Justine never judges me. I feel comfortable asking any questions about training, food, nutrition and I know she’ll be honest and kind. She’s always willing to help me reach whatever goal I set for myself. 

How has Justine helped you reach your goals?

Nutrition – Justine taught me that I had the right pieces to my puzzle but I was forcing them together the wrong way. Justine taught me how to see food as power and to make sure I was giving my body the power it needed to function.

Exercise – Most of our training is weightless/body weight focused. I have developed definition in my arms and legs. My core is more defined. I’ve dropped 6 pant sizes since I started with Justine. Justine has helped me “make my muscles longer” not bigger. 

What is your favorite thing to eat after a workout?

My post-workout snack is Sunwarrior protein with soy or almond milk. It’s refreshing and filled with the protein my body wants. There are a bunch of different flavors so it’s not boring. 

What is your favorite vegan brands?

Protein Powder: Sunwarrior and Anthony’s Pea Protein
Protein Bars: No Cow Chocolate Chip
Food: Tofurky and I’m learning more about making my own seitan.

What does a day in the life of Maria look like?

Being a high school teacher, I’m up by 5:30 am, I meal-prep my breakfast, lunch, and snack to bring to work while I drink my coffee. These meals are usually full of the rainbow and I track my meals to make sure I’m hitting my calorie and protein goals (something I was not doing before I started working with Justfit). I hydrate and eat all day between classes. After I do the school pick up of my children, I head to my basement where I do my workout of the day. It’s usually some type of cardio (cycling or walking) or strength training designed for me specifically to reach my goals by Justine. I strength train 3x a week (at least once with Justine) and cardio 2 – 3 times a week. I track my macros for the day to help me stay focused on what my body is saying. I find it’s very helpful to see what I ate, plan to eat and if my body needs something. Often in the past I would confuse boredom with hunger. Tracking helps me determine what my body really needs.  After my last meal of the day – I spend time with my children and husband before I head to bed.

What does 2024 have in store for you?

Oh – we are just getting started. My fitness goal is to see what I can get my 45 year old body to do. I would like to continue to strengthen my full body. 

After the interview Maria also wanted to add:

Training doesn’t have to be hours of your day. She spends 30-40 minutes a day focusing on training. People should know you don’t have to live in the gym!

Justine’s Thoughts: I have enjoyed working with Maria. She is hard-working, focused, determined, consistent, and excited to learn each session which are all factors that have helped her reach her goals. Although Maria’s journey is still ongoing I chose Maria as the client spotlight for January because I believe she is a great inspiration for others.

How awesome is Maria’s story?! If you are ready to start your fitness journey and need someone to hold you accountable and educate you along the way – Reach out!

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