Diet Mindset VS Wellness Mindset

diet mindset versus wellness

Have you ever thought about how your mindset to lose weight might be what’s hindering your results? What I want to talk about today is the difference between a diet mindset and a wellness mindset and how switching from one to the other might be the ticket to your health success!

Let’s break it down!

What is a Diet Mindset?

  • Diet of low calories 
  • Strict calorie counting
  • Exercising to burn calories
  • Exercising to lose weight
  • No mental health practices 
  • Actions and diet don’t align with what brings joy

A person hits a breaking point where they are sick of not feeling their best. They then feel they need to change and decide it’s time to take action. The first thought is to punish themselves by going on a strict diet. Lower calories and exercise more! 

weight loss diet mindset

It lasts for a period of time only to get frustrated by not seeing results fast enough or due to not enjoying the regimen. Regardless of the reason it usually fails. Most diets fail. And if they don’t fail, people often gain the weight back when they try to resume their ‘usual’ diet and routine. 

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Is there an alternative to the Diet Mindset?

Well, let’s turn the table and talk about people who seem to effortlessly keep weight off, have energy, and look vibrant. 

diet mindset versus wellness mindset

Are they just born with these lucky genes? Some, maybe yes, but most people, no. It’s likely they are using a wellness mindset rather than having a diet mindset. 

Let’s look at a few bullet points of what I see commonly with those using a wellness mindset.

What is a Wellness Mindset?

  • Diet rich in nutrients 
  • Mindful calorie consumption and/or intuitive eating
  • Exercising to get stronger
  • Moving regularly because it feels good
  • Regular mental health practices
  • Actions and diet align with what brings joy

This wellness mindset has so many great attributes. Now let’s go a little more in-depth with the details here. 

weight loss wellness mindset

Eating Healthy

This mindset focuses on eating healthfully and consuming foods until satisfied, but not stuffed.


They look at exercise as a way to be stronger and healthier not to burn off their last meal. This type of mindset is the one who will take the stairs, mow their own lawn, tend to their garden, take walks with their dog, avoiding hours on their bums. 

weight loss mindset

Mental Health

There is also the fact that your mind is a muscle that needs attention too, meaning it needs strength practices as well as plenty of rest. All mental health practices are important, whether it’s self-care, meditation, yoga, or all of the above. Those who slow down and take time for themselves are much lower in stress and usually are able to maintain overall health. 


Last but definitely not least, those with this wellness mindset enjoy their diet and lifestyle habits – You must enjoy the foods you eat and the routines you choose if you plan to be healthy, and happy for the long haul. 

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What are your thoughts on a Diet Mindset vs a Wellness Mindset? Which one do you follow? If you’re on the diet side are you ready to make the switch? 

Thank you for reading!

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