Couples Personal Training Spotlight: Ben and Rachel

Justfit personal training couple

Hi JustFit Friends!

I wanted to introduce a couple clients of JustFit who also happen to be a couple! They train together 3 times per week and hold each other accountable. 

Read on to learn about Ben and Rachel and how they are succeeding with JustFit workouts as well as their plant-based diet! 

Justfit personal training couple

How has JustFit helped you on your fitness journey? 

Tell us about the results you have seen?

  • Helped maintain consistency in my workout schedule
  • Gone down 2 pants sizes 
  • Much better overall fitness ability — no longer getting exhausted after a small jog. 

What is your favorite part about working with Justine?

  • She’s consistent and doesn’t yell at you if you’re struggling on a rep. 
  • Reinforces with positivity!

What is your favorite plant-based meal to help fuel your workouts or results?

  • Plant based shake! 

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Can you tell us about your fur-baby who is at every session?

  • Bowie! Our Tripod Pitbull, the love of our lives! Rescued in the beginning of COVID, he cheers us on from the sidelines.

What is your advice for anyone considering training or couples training?

  • Do it together, keep each other accountable. 
  • Really has brought us together 

Can you tell our readers anything else about Justine or JustFit and why it might be the right fit for them?

  • She is the best of the best, well-mannered and is always changing things for us, keeping us on our toes. 
  • We highly recommend her!

Ben and Rachel’s Review of JustFit Personal Training

Rachel’s Review on Yelp:

We’ve been seeing Justine for about 5 months now, and I can tell you I’ve done a complete 180 in terms of energy, endurance and overall physical shape. Her workouts are challenging without being too difficult, and it forces me to work out the muscles I typically skip when I workout alone (cough *abs* cough). I have gotten so many compliments on my demeanor and appearance lately, all due to Justine’s hard work and dedication to us.

From a personal perspective, Justine is intuitive, patient, extremely kind and always accommodating to my boyfriend & my hectic schedules. Thankful for her!

Ben’s Review on Yelp: 

Found Justine one day through a random google search “Vegan Trainer LA” and poof, our lives were changed forever.

Justine has changed my life and my gf’s life — 3x a week, early mornings.. grinding!

Her training style, her personality, the way she coaches, the way she corrects, are all the reasons why we keep coming back. (not to mention her pricing is more than fair +++ WORTH IT!!!!)

I cannot imagine a world where Justine is not in it, leading us through training and ultimately a healthier body. I wholeheartedly vouch for Justine if you’re looking for someone to keep you accountable but do so in a friendly/non-invasive way!

Discover more about JustFit’s personal training services here.

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