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Yeva doing arm curl at Eagle Rock Rec Center in Eagle Rock Los Angeles, CA


She makes each routine challenging enough to push me beyond my comfort zone, at the same time doesn’t make it too hard to where I want to give up. I always leave with a great sense of accomplishment. Her knowledge about fitness and nutrition, her commitment and love for what she does, provide great support and motivation!



By following Justine’s program, I lost 30 lbs and over 1/3 of my body fat! I have referred many friends to Justine who immediately are hooked on her energy, passion, and commitment to your success.

Ryan doing push up in his apartment gym in downtown Los Angeles, CA


The results I have seen have been phenomenal. At 34, I am in the best shape of my life and have committed to a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Joe doing pull up at Eagle Rock Rec Center in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), CA


Justine has transformed me into a true athlete. Cosmetically, you can see my whole six pack. Performance-wise: she’s got my my mile time down to the 5’s (and I’m 38)… 3 sets of 20 pull-ups… no problem. If you follow her program and work hard, she will turn you into a lean mean machine.

Mary doing a squat at Eagle Rock Rec Center in Eagle Rock Los Angeles, CA


Justine is a fantastic partner for my fitness and health needs. Her energy and positivity keep me motivated to keep pushing forward. Justine is incredibly knowledgeable about health and nutrition. Any time I have a question about my health or diet she’s able to provide a comprehensive answer or point me in the right direction.

Alyssa doing a lunge exercise at her home in Eagle Rock Los Angeles, CA


Alyssa has a very demanding work day being a speech pathologist. Her fitness and nutrition program has helped her stay energized so she can be at her best for her clients all while dropping body fat and surpassing her monthly fitness goals.