Making your New Years Fitness Resolution Stick

Make your new year’s resolution stick for good this time! Create goals for yourself that are sustainable for the long haul. Sometimes people set themselves up for failure from the beginning because their goal is too big, too broad, and too grand. Within a couple weeks, they may give up if the finish line isn’t in sight. The first month or two should be focused on creating a new habit and preparing yourself for each small step so that eventually you can reach the big, beautiful goal. Hopefully, the accomplishment will feel so wonderful that you will want to keep pushing forward! Your progress should be a step ladder, not one big leap. Here are my recommendations to keep goals realistic, positive, and sustainable for the year to come.

1. Use January and February to form your healthy habit. First and foremost, you need to build consistency.

  • For example, set a goal to exercise four days a week— and then stick to it! Complete every single workout and mark it on your calendar—even if it’s a short 10-minute workout. Reward yourself after each week or two with a cheat meal or new workout shirt.
  • Your next step can be increasing intensity and/or giving yourself a physical challenge like losing a pound per week. Try this fun challenge:  see how many pushups you can reach after one month of practicing.
  • Focus on building a routine and lifestyle around health and fitness, not simply finding a quick fix.

2. Get yourself a workout buddy or personal trainer.

  • Make sure your workout buddy is a positive person who will help you stay inspired and focused on your goal.
  • If you find a personal trainer, don’t be afraid to tell them what you want and what you like to do. Their job is not only to help you get in shape, but also to encourage you to love working out. I guarantee they will be willing to accommodate your fitness interests or they aren’t the right trainer for you.

Trainer coaching man doing push ups

3. Learn how to eat when you’re hungry, stop before you’re full, cherish the bites you take, and love how it makes you feel.

  • Intuitive eating is what they’re calling it these days and it makes so much sense! We should be so appreciative of the food we eat and the body we are consuming it with. We should enjoy our food, but learn to listen to our bodies.
  • Practice by eating slower and chewing approximately 32 times before swallowing. This is really difficult (believe me) but the practice will slow you down.
  • Also, try setting down your fork after a bite or two and waiting to see how you feel before taking another.
  • When dining out, ask for a to-go box when your order comes to the table and proactively place a portion into the box before eating. Bonus: it’s another meal you don’t have to worry about later.

4. Do what YOU want to do when it comes to fitness. Everyone has different tastes for exercise.

  • Do you dislike going to the gym? That is totally fine—go to the park or workout in your yard or living room. The key is to get it done!
  • Do you love yoga but hate lifting weights?  Stick with yoga; try different variations of yoga (like vinyasa, Bikram, hot yoga, power yoga) to train your muscles in different ways.
  • There are so many right answers to a successful workout routine and lifestyle…you just have to find yours!

See more on keeping new year fitness resolutions? Or contact a trainer near you.