4 Tips for Keeping New Year Fitness Resolutions

Shoes, weights, water bottle, and fruit laying on wood floor

This is the year to make your New Year’s resolutions stick! Here are tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions.

We are already a couple weeks in and it may seem impossible or not worth it to stick it through. If that’s how you are feeling then let’s do a rewrite! Follow the four steps below to make sure your goal is attainable and maintainable this year and the years to come.

1. Make your weight loss goals realistic and healthy.

A safe weight loss goal is one pound per week so make sure you aren’t making drastic calorie cuts.

  • When creating a deficit don’t cut down too much on your calories or you may feel hunger pains, fatigue, and/or cravings. Aim for a 200-300 calorie deficit for fat loss.
  • Make smaller goals that lead to your bigger goal. Have time frames for each small milestone and even have mini health rewards for reaching each one. Like a massage or workout pants.
  • Factor in your schedule, your current health and abilities, and the time you can spend on diet and exercise when making your goals. I use Wunderlist and this notepad to form my grocery list and weekly meal schedule. Google calendar is my best friend for scheduling my workouts. It will even send you reminders to workout!
  • I recommend doing only 2- 3 days meal prep at a time. This keeps food fresh and doesn’t steal an entire day to meal prep for a week. This is a personal preference of course so do what works best for your schedule!

2. Incorporate exercise into your routine but don’t go too big too soon.

As much as I like ambitious clients it’s better to ease in safe and gradually build up the intensity.

  • If you are a beginner it’s a smart idea to get advice from a fitness trainer and learn the proper techniques that you can later apply to your own personal routine.
  • If you aren’t a beginner but it’s been a while since you’ve worked out, then a Spartan race two weeks away may need to be pushed back three to six months for proper training.
  • Convenience is a bonus: Are you not making it to the gym because you hate the commute? Then you have to find something else that suits you. Be honest with yourself. Work out at the park around the corner, in your living room, in your backyard or wherever is convenient and fun for you!

3. Talk positively to yourself.

The second you start to get discouraged and allow those negative thoughts to take over is the second you’ll give up.

  • Think of exercise as a way to thank yourself and to express your abilities, not a way to punish yourself for what you ate that day.
  • When you are exercising, here are some examples of positively speaking to yourself. “this may be hard but its supposed to be hard. I have to push myself to get stronger!”  “It is badass that I am here right now and this will make me feel so good when I’m done!” and/or “I am doing what is right for my body and it will feel so good when I’m done!”
  • Always remember how good you feel when you eat well and exercise! Mind, body, and heart…commit to it!
  • Surround yourself with positive people that want to better themselves. Same with your social media sites. Follow people that inspire you and make you happy and it will rub off on you!

4. Log and track progress.

Logging what you eat and reviewing it will help you see if any areas of your diet or workout routine could be improved.

  • Fitness tracker – Use an online app so you can have it on your phone on the go. You can monitor steps, resistance routines, and anything diet related. I use Myfitnesspal.
  • Key points to monitor will be your calories like we spoke of in step 1. If you want to get more specific you can watch your macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates). With time, you can rebalance your diet and fine tune as needed.
  • Monitor your water intake! I was shocked how much I was falling short of my water intake when I started tracking it. I’m now drinking nearly 3 liters a day. Fitness trackers are little voiceless coaches that help hold us accountable!
  • Just download that app already!

I think that making your routine simple and attainable is the best idea for keeping New Year’s resolutions. Your goals may seem overwhelming now but I believe that re-evaluating them and applying the four steps above can make your resolutions stick for good.

If you are stumped on how to get started or need some further education on getting your accurate calories, macros, or even getting started on your workout plan, you can sign up for my online coaching.

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Peace and Love!